rethinking public space

ium-institute for urban mobility


The transformation of urban spaces has a long lead time. To help push forth the transformation processes, we help to discuss the benefits of change, the opportunities, examples and experiences from other places with many stakeholders, as well as strategic initiatives and collaborations that will drive change.


Building on alliances of different actors who consider improvements to be necessary and useful, we support change processes with conceptual services. Together with partners and clients, workshops will develop solutions for attractive and more useful public spaces. IUM thinks in variants and evaluates them in the form of easy-to-understand studies and expert reports in order to identify the best possible strategies to reach the goal.


Configuration of transformation projects is the preliminary stage for implementation. There are no standard processes for the implementation of new solutions. Much detail and coordination work is required to create performance plans for planning and implementation, to identify potential partners and operators, and pave the way for their engagement. The IUM project is comparable with implementation and practice-oriented feasibility studies.